Rebecca Robinson

Principal - Licensed Estate Agent

Director & Agency owner. As a Licensed Estate Agent for many years, Rebecca serves as linchpin of the company. The founding Director of the agency, she is incredibly proud to have realised the vision of creating an award winning boutique real estate agency.

Her extensive experience and industry knowledge makes Rebecca truly indispensable and central to the smooth running of the business, her natural inclination is to support and she is always ready to drop everything and assist where required.

Rebecca’s strength and backbone role in the company is undeniable, as her professionalism, tireless work ethic and outstanding time management skills continue to provide a benchmark for incoming staff. Her positivity and energy encapsulate the First National cultural mind-set, with its emphasis on excellence and team work where at First National #weputyoufirst !

An avid outdoors person Rebecca loves nothing more than to maintain her small donkey farm. She has been breeding and raising miniature donkeys for over 15 years. Rebecca has strong family ties within the local community and business’. Rebecca always supports local business and communities, a quality instilled in her by her father. She knows that a successful career can only be realised when priorities are in order and everything in life is balanced, a feat she has successfully achieved.